Come Over Here And Fuck Me, Big Boy

Everybody loves Francois Sagat. And the reasons are pretty obvious don’cha think. A sexy face, hard and hairy body and a rigid, iron-like cock that could prolly poke yer eyes out if you ain’t too careful. Hairy Boys once again panders to our fetish, as they feature a new solo set from this French stud. Admit it, no matter how many times you see this mass of a man – you can’t help but want more.

Muscles glistening and beautiful face

Muscle fans will surely love this clip. If this doesn’t get you humpin’ wild in 20 seconds flat or less – then nothing will. Muscle god and pure testosterone Tony DaVinci take time out from the comforts of the gym or his loft and decided to take his monkey whipping outdoors. And of course, the voyeurs are raving wild ’cause of it. This update from SexGaymes unabashedly documented each nook and cranny of this Adonis. Muscles glistening, beautiful face taking in the scenery and the pleasure of his lubed palms. Aah.