Kickboxing Trio

What is it with boxing rings, yoga mats and pool tables that they seem to be a fixture in gay porn? I could only wonder. This update from SexGaymes show that theirs is a gay, gay athletic word indeed. And now, I think I’m getting the point why boxing rings and the likes are a fixture. They are sexy and inviting. I’m thinking one of these days I’d prolly pull 2 cute boys and go for a mad threesome on a pool table. Preferably, as hot and steaming as the Attila, Lazlo and Zoltan threeway in this update. If only real life dating and cruising is as easy gay porn.

This Game Is A Joy In The Butt

Sweet Jee-sus. Now I think this is one of those moments that I have shut my mouth and let the screenshot speak for itself. Josh and George Stevenson – together on the sofa – with one of the most breath takng, heart stopping clips to be offered by SexGaymes. These maybe straight boys who are venturing into gay games but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the stint while they are at it. As such a chorus of moans mark the clip right up to the glorious climax – cum everywhere – but mostly on Josh’s lips and torso.

Muscles glistening and beautiful face

Muscle fans will surely love this clip. If this doesn’t get you humpin’ wild in 20 seconds flat or less – then nothing will. Muscle god and pure testosterone Tony DaVinci take time out from the comforts of the gym or his loft and decided to take his monkey whipping outdoors. And of course, the voyeurs are raving wild ’cause of it. This update from SexGaymes unabashedly documented each nook and cranny of this Adonis. Muscles glistening, beautiful face taking in the scenery and the pleasure of his lubed palms. Aah.