Hot Brazilian

Whether you agree with me that Latinos are so dang sexy or not, you still gotta admit that this recent update from Bang Bang Boys is scorching. Yup, Bang Bang Boys once again got itself one randy dandy update. Featuring these two horny Brazilian hotties – Guy and Kawan – the two go at each other’s cock like hungry bitches. They were already featured previously via a live show. That clip is somewhat similar to this with the two boys exploring each other’s crevices with childlike wonder and teen boy’s hunger. Still, it is of common opinion that this episode is better. Hmmm. I’m gonna check it out myself, so why not join the romp as well?

Kickboxing Trio

What is it with boxing rings, yoga mats and pool tables that they seem to be a fixture in gay porn? I could only wonder. This update from SexGaymes show that theirs is a gay, gay athletic word indeed. And now, I think I’m getting the point why boxing rings and the likes are a fixture. They are sexy and inviting. I’m thinking one of these days I’d prolly pull 2 cute boys and go for a mad threesome on a pool table. Preferably, as hot and steaming as the Attila, Lazlo and Zoltan threeway in this update. If only real life dating and cruising is as easy gay porn.