Two hot muscle gods

What the fuck! Are my eyes decieving me? But look at this – it’s Remy Delaine and Francois Sagat locked in combat. But instead of skulls cracking and blood dripping down their chins – we see them arm in arm, all sweaty, horny and hard. This update from is so dang hot that you could smell the scent of male sweat seeping through the monitor. Not only will this clip be remembered as a terrific and inspired pairing of two hot muscle gods – but will also go down as one of the best to be uploaded this year. These guys were so hot for each other that they came twice. Wow. That is something.

Hot Brazilian

Whether you agree with me that Latinos are so dang sexy or not, you still gotta admit that this recent update from Bang Bang Boys is scorching. Yup, Bang Bang Boys once again got itself one randy dandy update. Featuring these two horny Brazilian hotties – Guy and Kawan – the two go at each other’s cock like hungry bitches. They were already featured previously via a live show. That clip is somewhat similar to this with the two boys exploring each other’s crevices with childlike wonder and teen boy’s hunger. Still, it is of common opinion that this episode is better. Hmmm. I’m gonna check it out myself, so why not join the romp as well?

Kickboxing Trio

What is it with boxing rings, yoga mats and pool tables that they seem to be a fixture in gay porn? I could only wonder. This update from SexGaymes show that theirs is a gay, gay athletic word indeed. And now, I think I’m getting the point why boxing rings and the likes are a fixture. They are sexy and inviting. I’m thinking one of these days I’d prolly pull 2 cute boys and go for a mad threesome on a pool table. Preferably, as hot and steaming as the Attila, Lazlo and Zoltan threeway in this update. If only real life dating and cruising is as easy gay porn.

Hot gay fisting movies

After a few months back that I’d go ahead and try fisting – hmmm – I am sorta embarrassed to report that I still hadn’t tried it. I almost got myself a twink who was very much into this – but there are circumstances beyond my control. Anyways, enough of my rants. Since I am still a fisting virgin and can’t find anyone in the immediate vicinity willing to offer his paw or his fuckhole, I am content enough to feast my eyes on Army Of One – first scene got Aaron Summers wrist no – arm deep in Billy Berlin’s ass. I suppose this is not exactly what the US army envisioned when they said, “Be all that you can be…”

The Power of Two Fists

If a twink or a jock can take two cocks at one time, why not one top fisting two bottoms at the same time? Easy peasy you say? Not really. Fisting takes skill and finesse. It’s not like just shoving up yer paws up someone’s ass. Billy Ryder shows us how to be the perfect top. Michael Johns and Marc LaSalle are just two of the eager butts to bend over and get a taste of heaven. Chris Ward can only come up with the most raunchy of scenes but it still takes an expert like Billy Ryder to pull it off.

Come Over Here And Fuck Me, Big Boy

Everybody loves Francois Sagat. And the reasons are pretty obvious don’cha think. A sexy face, hard and hairy body and a rigid, iron-like cock that could prolly poke yer eyes out if you ain’t too careful. Hairy Boys once again panders to our fetish, as they feature a new solo set from this French stud. Admit it, no matter how many times you see this mass of a man – you can’t help but want more.

This Game Is A Joy In The Butt

Sweet Jee-sus. Now I think this is one of those moments that I have shut my mouth and let the screenshot speak for itself. Josh and George Stevenson – together on the sofa – with one of the most breath takng, heart stopping clips to be offered by SexGaymes. These maybe straight boys who are venturing into gay games but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the stint while they are at it. As such a chorus of moans mark the clip right up to the glorious climax – cum everywhere – but mostly on Josh’s lips and torso.

Nice toned body

“Now here is a man with a passion for cock. He really turns me on.”, “This dude takes cock so effortlessly.” Those are just a couple of members’ comments on Max Schulter’s photo sets. Now if they sound like a little too groupie for you – well there’s no one to blame really. Max has got darling eyes and a nice toned body to go with it. I still have to see him in action though to prove if he does really take cock so well – in the meantime, I’ll load the photos and feast on the visual buffet that he is. Now lemme add, “haul yer ass over here Max and I’ll give you some real lovin.”

Magical and wondrous jock

I love Remy Delaine. There’s something magical and wondrous about this jock that the first time I saw him getting rough and tough with another hairy hunk – I almost died and wished that I was the one getting buggered by this magnificent male specimen. And obsessed as I am, you can be sure that I’d do anything to get my hands on any Remy Delaine video or photoset – even if it kills me. Good thing I don’t have to pick up a knife and slash my throat to get some for Xtrainches studs. And in this second batch of Remy Delaine photos – we get to see more of that hard cock proudly rigid and screaming “suck me!”